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Creation of the first Adventurers of Doge City, the StrongDoge Launch of StrongDoge's Discord Channel for Doge City Game Community Release of StrongDoge Roadmap for next 12 months
Launch of StrongDoge Academy (Web portal) Breeding (Forking, Sequencing, Cloning) StrongDoge's
Launch of StrongDoge's Bazaar (Merchandise Gift Store) Video of Gameplay Demo
Launch of $StrongDoge token Launch of $StrongDoge staking pool. Stakers of $StrongDoge, will receive $LP-StrongDoge, will receive the StrongDoge Platform Revenue Rewards
Launch of Playable Demo Land Sales of BLOCK GENESIS
APRIL 2022
Launch of Gameplay - Version 1.0 (PvE) Launch of playable and conquerable Block Genesis nick-named The Doge City, it is the First Game World that all StrongDoge's will venture into.

About us

Come in and say hello!

Our NFT tokens are called StrongDoge and everything will be built around a game in which each NFT token is a character with special traits, it will be possible to pump strength, stamina and other indicators.

All characters, clothing, skin and functional in-game items, resources and player achievements in Doge City are represented by non-fungible tokens known as NFTs. This is why you truly own your digital assets in Doge City.

All player's characters, weapons, cosmetic and functional in-game items, resources and achievements in Doge City are represented by non-fungible tokens, known as NFTs. That's why you truly own your digital assets in Doge City.

Because of the blockchain, players will always own their characters and items without exception; even the us, the developers are unable to take back once they've been acquired.

Doge City is purposely built as a base for explorations and expeditions, with facilities supporting our StrongDoge for all kinds of activities. Players will play various roles in contributing to the in-game economy.

Players can then trade items on the Bazaar, Doge City's dedicated marketplace or any other marketplace of their choice.

Control of Land on the newly constructed blocks will be a key goal for all StrongDoge. Nodes and Tiles will be available for capture by the daring first adventurers to establish the facilities and buildings that will form the backbone of commerce on Doge City.